QA Automation Course


Automation of quality assurance involves the development of a program that will perform automatic testing of products thereby contributing to the efficient and accurate operation of the system.

Currently organizations prefer this type of quality assurance as it provides an opportunity to save time and reduce the risk of defects.

  • start-time

    3 months

  • price
    Monthly fee

    64,000 AMD

  • date

    Enrolment is temproarly over.

  • period

    3 days a week for 2 hours


750,000 AMD
Average salary
Number of vacancies

Is this course for you? Sure if

you have skills of computer


Hayk Harutyunyan

Hayk Harutyunyan

Senior Automation QA Engineer / Crypmoji

By the end of this course you will be able to


use modern systems and tools to test applications and websites


plan and supervise the testing processes


get a job in leading IT companies as Automated QA specialist


Phase 1

  • Introduction to Java, primitive variables, logical and relational operators, loop operators (for, while, do while, for-each), infinite loop and its usage, break and continue keywords

  • Single dimensional array, two-dimensional array

  • Introduction to methods, value returning methods and void methods

  • Introduction to classes and objects

  • Inheritance, Constructor rules in Inheritance, encapsulation

  • Polymorphism, Enum, import, static import

  • Containers (Map, Dictionary, ArrayList․․․)

  • Exception handling

  • Exam

Phase 2

  • Introduction to automated testing. Why is it needed?

  • What is a automated testing framework?

  • Locators: CSS selectors, xpath, etc.

  • Annotations. @Before/@BeforeEach and @After/@AfterEach annotations

  • What is a design pattern Page Object Model (POM)

  • PageFactory

  • Idea of a BaseTest class

  • Parameterized testing

  • Exam

Phase 3

  • Appium -> what's for, how to setup, how to use Appium Inspector

  • About API Testing

  • Project of creating full automation framework

  • Exam

Free Licensed Softwares for BITC Students from JetBrains.

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3 months60,000 AMD


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