Flutter Development Course


Flutter is a free and open-source mobile UI framework created by Google. This course is developed for programmers, who want to specialize in Flutter framework and use the skills to create applications for iOS, Android, WEB, Windows, MacOs and Linux. Flutter is being continuously updated due to the big investments by Google and it՛s demand is getting higher due to the flexibility and responsiveness of the applications written by it.

During the course you will learn Dart programming language, deep dive into Flutter’s features and practice your skills in real projects.

  • start-time

    3 months

  • price
    Monthly fee

    73,000 AMD

  • date

    Enrolment is temproarly over.

  • period

    3 days a week for 2 hours


800,000 AMD
Average salary
Number of vacancies

Is this course for you? Sure if

you want to get skilled in app development


Robert Apikyan

Robert Apikyan

Flutter Team Lead / V-Mobile

By the end of this course you will be able to


create applications using Flutter


have experience in working with Flutter web and Flutter windows technologies


assess skills in iOS, Android, WEB, Windows, MacOs and Linux


Stage 1 - Dart basics and OOP

  • Dart language technical introduction, Introduction to DartPad and environment setup, main function, variables, enums, final and const modifiers, data types, collections, code profiling, and debugging.

  • Dart functions, default, optional and required parameters, cascade notation and control flow statements, errors handling.

  • Introduction to Dart OOP, classes, regular, named, and factory constructors, inheritance, operator overloading, getters and setters, mixins, and extensions.

  • Introduction to Dart generics, asynchronous programming, futures and streams, multithreading, generator functions.

Stage 2 - Flutter widgets, scrollable and input content

  • Flutter technical introduction, general architecture overview, environment and IDE setup for Flutter app development, running first flutter app, widget tree overview, general overview of the main widgets, and gesture handling.

  • Material and Cupertino app styling, page to page navigation, flutter StatelessWidget and StatefullWidget, State object lifecycle, inherited widgets, application profiling with Dart DevTools, deep dive into the Flutter UI rendering.

  • Introduction to asynchronous widget tree builder, FutureBuilder and StreamBuilders, Scrollable widgets, nested list views, grid views.

  • Building advanced lists, CustomScrollView and SliverList, PageView and StaggeredGridView, listening to scroll events, ScrollControllers, and ScrollNotifications.

Stage 3 - Flutter Data access layer, communication with native platform.

  • Introduction to pub.dev, adding dart libraries, flutter dependency resolver, storing data and user defaults on a device, working with files and SQLite database, Dart networking, rest requests, manual and automatic JSON serialization.

  • Flutter and platform communication, platform channels and plugins․

  • State management architectures, Bloc, GetX, Provider state management package introduction.

  • Integration of analytics and crash reporting tools, code obfuscation and final archive generation, archive signing, and distribution.

  • Flutter web, windows, MacOS, and Linux introduction, building responsive UI in flutter for desktop platforms.

Free Licensed Softwares for BITC Students from JetBrains.

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